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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Starting Fresh

Well, it's a few days into 2006 and I'm trying to get a start on my goals for the year.

Writing wise they are
  • Submit at least 2 novels
  • Build up to a minumum of 6 short stories doing the rounds (this will take a while. Moving interstate put a large crimp in submitting and writing shorts)
  • Daily goal - 500 new words OR 1 short story revision OR 1 novel chapter revision.
  • Cons - Ad Astra, WFC, and Philcon, possibly one other.
Other goals
  • Get gym membership and work out at least 3 times a week (with a partly healed broken ankle this could be... interesting)
  • Start practising trombone again. Scary... Very scary.
I'm not expecting all of these to happen at once. I am planning to start small and try to build habits that will let everything else fall into place. Like, once I've got the gym workout to a habit, tweak my schedule to fit in 1/2 hour a day on the 'bone, thereby traumatizing the cats and scaring the neighbors ;-)

And of course, the daily writing goal starts now. Today. I may not always meet it, but I'm going to try. Most activity other than the daily goal is likely to happen on weekends, since weekdays tend to get completely chewed by the day job.

Progress, in no particular order:-
Words today: 455
Gym: Need to find out how my job's corporate membership with the local gym works and how to use it.
Novel Subs: 1 proposal ready to go. 1 novel waiting for revision.
Short story subs: 2 out. Soon to be one as the Writers of the Future results for last quarter trickle in.
Cons: Need to send Ad Astra registration.

The handful of people who check by here are welcome to nag me if I don't post regular updates ;-)



Anonymous Barb said...

Hey, Kate!

Glad you're starting to practice your trombone again. :-)

How'd Shani handle the move? How did Tom's cat handle the move? (Hell, how did Tom handle the move? ;-))

I wish I'd realized you'd moved, as if you were in PA while I was driving through there in early December, I'd have been glad to give you a holler. I'm sure it's a huge change being there; all I know about the state is the PA turnpike, snow, extreme heat (in the summertime), more snow, and bad truckers, in that order. ;-) I hope you enjoy it, though; every experience you get should help your writing in some way -- even if you can't always trace it back. ;-)

One of these days, I'll catch up with you on AIM when you're not working. (Do you ever feel the phrase, "When pigs fly?" is appropriate?) Part 38 should be in your mailbox soon, btw; a new character showed up (the Asgoroinidh's daughter) and I've been trying to figure her out.


4:42 AM  

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