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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Progress Report for the week

Well, the work insanity has been making it difficult to get writing in during the week. Still, some progress has happened despite me spending most of the week head down and tail up then losing large chunks of the weekend to Myst 5

Writing: 2500 words on a new short story, plus another 500-odd words on a novel-in-progress.
Gym: Still need to make the phone call to set it up.
Ad Astra: Registration is sent. I still need to book the hotel room.

I suspect that having characters harass me about not doing enough on their particular work does not count as progress ;)



Anonymous Barb said...

Sounds good so far! :-)

Posted several other comments earlier on, even though I read this out of order.

Glad to have found this; can't get to SFF.net to save my life, can't read webmail there, don't know why.

And I've been a bad e-mail correspondent for the last year; all apologies.

I hadn't realized you'd moved, although I'm very glad you did. It sounds like the move has done you a world of good; I hope you will enjoy PA far more than you did Houston, and I hope you find the specialty foods (or a way to order them) that you miss from Australia when you wish to make your favorites.

Send me an e-mail sometime, will you? (When you're not overworked, etc. Providing my situation, bad as it remains, doesn't overset you. I miss Michael so much that somedays I can barely go on; I have no idea why I'm still here, except to keep trying to get our work over. ELFY is still out; that's good, I guess. Hasn't been rejected yet, anyway.)


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